Top 9 Best Suits for Mens 2019

9 Best Suits for mens 2019

Every Person has need of good suit regardless it’s for work, party, event, travelling, wedding or even funeral. Men are also very fond of good dressing in this most evolutionary arena of fashion industry. They admire latest trends and new style that are introduced by the fashion industry.

Obviously, there are many factors behind the selection procedure of good suit for special events like style, comfortably, quality and the most important factor of its price. Here we will list Top 9 best suits for mens 2019 below.

Now the best thing to find a good suit within your price range. Definitely, higher price mostly bought you a nice suit for you but still there are brands who give you great stylish comfortable suit in affordable price.

Here we will tell how to find the best suit for you and which brands you should explore to find you best match suit according to your price range.

Firstly, we discuss the key features that every suit should have to be best to wear.

8 Things Keep in Mind when Purchase a suit

Quality is the main key feature of any suit that you buy for you. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it should be your first priority to select a nice suit and also justify the price that you pay. Many things can be considered in quality like fabric, stitching, style, fitting, material, color etc.

1. Quality

Infact every things can be brought under this heading that we will discuss afterwards. You should consider all these things to access that quality of the suit and also evaluate that is it justify the demanded price. Some suits can be malfunctioned or some issue in stitching etc. So if you are purchasing a branded suit then it should be quality product.

2. Comfort

Comfortability is the key point that everyone have to consider in selection of suit. If you wear in wedding, work, funeral, party or any other event you will have it on all day. Will it be acceptable for you to wear such suit which is not comfortable and you experience continues struggle for whole time of event. This just affect you individually because it will affect your confidence to enjoy the event and company of the people.

Surely, you don’t want this struggle thing with your suit for which you want to pay great deal of money and it bring you just mental torture nothing more.

So take breathe and take time to choose most comfortable suit wear for you which will give joy and feel that you expect from it.

3. Material

Material is the main element of product that separate good from bad. Number of materials are used in the manufacturing of suit that affect the most of its price range from lower to higher according to its quality of material.

From cotton to cashmere, many type of materials are used and you can choose one of them according to price range.

You can choose cotton, polyester or viscose if you want affordable price suits.

If you are fond of expensive suits then you can go for silk, velvet or cashmere. These materials are considered as luxurious items for customers and available only for those who can spend good amount of cash.

Most of the designer’s suits of are made from silk, cashmere or velvet and definitely these suits offer durability, quality and comfort. So, its all depend on you that how’s your selection about the suit and how much you can pay for the suit or what type of suit you can get in you price range.

4. Occasion

Every dress has suitability for its specific occasion. Gym clothing for gym, sports clothing for sports, in the same manner three piece suits are for special formal occasions.

Many people wear suits on daily basis for work in offices. Some of you may be want more high end suits and definitely its natural because you spend lot of time people who access the personality most of the time through your dressing and fashion sense.

Among you, few people just purchase suits for special occasions and events like wedding, dinner party etc. Selection of the suits is largely depends on the occasion for which you purchase and you have to consider the nature of that occasion and plan accordingly.

5. Value Your Price

You have heard many times that every expensive thing doesn’t mean better always. It same applies in the suit. If you are spending money to buy a good suit for you then you have to make sure that you get more value suit than your price that you pay for it.

We know its not easy task to find a valuable suit in most reasonable price but it is also not such a hard thing to do. Clearly you want good suit with latest fashion, comfortability and it is not wise to go to shopping and buy 20 bucks suit.

In the same way, you also don’t have lot of money to buy new suit every year for every event and occasion because your last suit failed in durability and brought again in the market to buy a new one.

6. Brand

That’s why you have to choose that which can value you cost and also durable for some time to use.

Brand plays very import role in today’s fashion industry. You have favorite brand of your phone, favorite brand for your laptop, its similar for the suits too. Many people are very brand conscious in their clothing selection due to their experiences regarding their suits.

If you have good experience then most probably you will stuck to the same manufacturer. Off course these brands are also trying to make their loyal customers through their best quality, style and comfortability.

7. Style

There many famous designers’ brands in the market who are offering best quality in affordable price and its not hard to find a good for you according to your price range.

8. Fitting

The fitting is also most important thing to consider in selection of the suits. Many fittings are available like tailored, regular, slim and skinny and you can choose you fitting from them.

The style is last but not least factor to be considered. Suit style is also depends on the occasion and there is definite difference among them. Suits, blazers or tuxedo are different styles have their preferences too. Suits includes a trouser that can be wear in most of the events and occasions but its not same in the case tux. Most of the people can wear suit to their work place but tux is only formal wear which you can wear at your office in normal routine.

The 9 Best Suits for men 2019


This slim fit is the best suit for its quality and affordable price.

This suit has superior quality of fabric material with combination of polyester and viscose that will provide you extreme comfort. Its really fit, comfortable and easy to clean. There is also inner lining under the suit that absorb your sweat and make you comfortable without irritation to wear this suit.

Its good option for those people who are looking for general thing and it is quite general with versatility in it. The most interesting thing about it that you can reuse again time to time. This is three piece suit including blazer, tux and trouser. You can wear this three piece suit on different formal occasions and on other hand, blazer and trouser you can wear for your work or in daily routine.

If we talk about its price, then you will be excited to know about its value to money. Obviously its really good suit but still it is affordable for masses. So if you want buy this suit then you don’t have to spend great deal money for it.



Great value for money

Superior use of material


Slimfit suit is not for everyone


This suit is best option for you if you want suit for whole round year. This three price will fulfill all purposes to wear like in special occasion or work wear. It is come up with matching jacket, waistcoat and pants.

This suit is offered in different colors from charcoal, black, grey and navy. In short it is available for everyone. In this, there lot of sizes and styles are offered which provide great variety to its customers and enable them to choose best for them to wear confidently.


Large variety of styles and sizes

Reasonable suit for all occasion


Trouser is quite baggy according to some reviews


Kenneth Cole slim fit is designer’s suit and sell separately but if you want to purchase whole then you can buy this suit from above link. This is good suit made by combination of rayon and polyester which is proof that you are spending money for valuable and good quality suit.

The most interesting about this suit that it is very light weight and you can wear comfortably in warn weather. With this you won’t feel weight on your body. This is slim fit suit that indicates obviously that it is modern style suit which intended to best fit for your body.



Valuable Brand

Variety of Colors


Items sell separately


It is well known brand for manufacturing great quality of clothing. When you look this suit you will get the idea about it that how much they paid attention to design this for its customers and provide more comfort and quality against the money that they pay.

It is made quality material and fabrics like tri blend of wool, polyester and spandex. The style with single breast with notch lapel which made it modern day style suit and you can wear it on your workplace, party and dinner.

There are suits available in variety of colors which provide extensive range of stock through which you can buy your own favorite color including white.

Here is some tricky thing about price. We understand that it is bit expensive than other suits. But this suit will give best quality and durability against money you pay.


Famous Brand

Tri Blend of Material

Value for Money


Fit is bit large


This is another quality suit in the list. It is made from soft fabric with Italian touch that make it for more comfortable to wear. It is very light weight suit which can be worn in summer season with an ease of having it on.

Its three piece suit that increase it usability for different events and for routine use. With its waistcoat you can wear on wedding or any other formal event and its blazer and trouser can be worn at workplace or for bit causal use of this suit.



Modern Style

Italian inspired design and Fabric


Trouser bit large


This two piece general suit for use of workplace. It is made from quality fabric like polyester and rayon wool. This great quality combination of material is justify the price for this. There are 8 different colors that offered for selection.

This suit design is perfect for the occasions with having contrast lapels, close fitted design and fitted jacket with modern style that make him for extraordinary for wear.

The bottom of the trouser is unfinished which means that you can adjust the length of the trouser through tailor according to your requirement.

Most reviews suggested that this suit is worthy according to its price and few reviews also suggested that the cost of suit more than quality.


Variety of colors

Modern style jacket


Fit is not perfect for everyone


Calvin Klein is famous brand for making clothing with best quality and value for price. This great fame bring huge expectation from CK to make suits for the customers that satisfy their needs and provide them valuable suit for money.

This suit is made from 100% wool which makes him exceptional and lightweight for customers. This tuxedo make more prominent for parties and events. It is made for your everyday routine. A stretchable suit which provides comfortability from all sides with integrated technology that prevents it from creasing. Its fitting is perfect and fit to size with modern style and design.


Famous Brand

Stylish woo Tux

Modern Style Fit


Blazer and Pants Separately Sold


If you love to enjoy parties, night events or dinners then we have fight perfect blazer for you and you should just pay look this elegant stylish suit with fancy blazer. This suit is available in six different colors with floral design jacket that helps you to be exceptional in style in party evening.

It is made from superior material of polyester and viscose that will be comfortable and valuable for money.


Stylish Design

Perfection selection for parties


Only Blazer (no Matching Pant


This stylish tuxedo has break the style of typical one as dinner jacket. It is available in blue and red colors. This is best wear for night events and parties. It is made from the material of pleuche which is just like similar to velvet and you will love it for sure.

On the side of money, definitely this tux looks more expensive but the pleuche will feel like most luxurious to wear and you will feel better in parties in this tux.


Nice colors of Tuxedo

Superior quality of material

Perfect dress for parties and dinner


The sizing is hard to understand

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