Apple Starts Selling iPhone SE Again with Brand-New Units Starting at $249

Apple Starts Selling iPhone SE Again with Brand-New Units Starting at $249

Interestingly, Apple started selling its 2 years-old Apple iPhone SE in Australia, United States, and other regions again – just 4 months after it was officially discontinued a release of most appealing handsets named Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and a mid-range iPhone XR back in September 2018.

The handset (iPhone SE) was announced in March 2016 with a starting price of $400 for its 16GB variant with a small 4-inches screen. At that time, it was as powerful as Apple’s iPhone 6s which started landing on shelves just six months prior with a starting price of $649 for 16GB of onboard memory. The iPhone 6s has a similar 64-bit A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, a headphone jack, M9 motion coprocessor as well as a screen without 3D Touch.

If you are one of those who has missed an iPhone SE, now there is a chance to grab again a 4-inches smartphone from the online Apple Store at unmatched and impressive rates.

The upper variant “32GB” is available at $249 – from $349 when a smartphone was discontinued. The 128GB, on the other hand, set users back $299, from $449 previously. Be mindful that these new devices are not refurbished – but instead brand new ones. These specifications may already be starting to show their ages, but at very least, these are capable enough to run the latest version of iOS.

What’s the Reason Behind it?

So far, it’s not cleared yet why Apple decided to suddenly bring the handset out of retirement, but it sounds like it’s just Apple is trying to clear its remaining stock. Apple needs all the units of iPhone sales it can get – after Apple recently said that it’ll be going to miss its estimated financial for a holiday season.

It’s most likely that Apple iPhone SE going back on sale will start Apple’s year on a good note. Back in 2016, when it was released, it was viewed as a gamble as Apple went with an outdated design when all other handsets were going bigger. However, Apple, underestimated an appeal of 4-inches device and partnered with a comparatively affordable price tag, but demand rapidly outstripped its supply. In the today’s world of smartphones, Apple iPhone SE is leagues behind the latest models in terms of features and specifications. Though, for Apple, fans are currently looking for a spare handset or at least a smartphone with a headphone jack. But, 4-inches smartphone by Apple, is a good choice.

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