Huawei Honor K2 Kids Smartwatch Review – Price, Release Date, Features and Specifications

huawei honor k2 kids smartwatch

It’s not been a couple of weeks since Huawei announced the latest, greatest and coolest Huawei Honor K2 Kids Smartwatch in UK. The novelty is carefully and specially designed for kids – but, precisely capable users.

Very much like most wearable devices, smartwatches have all the same functions. This K2 Kids smartwatch comes loaded with a SIM card slot, an impressive amount of battery and protection from water and dust. Below in our Honor K2 Kids Review, we have done our best and compiled everything you are looking for. So, let’s keep going!

Huawei Honor K2 Kids Specs

The Honor K2 Kids Specifications include a bunch of amazing sensors and a relatively low-spec TFT screen. Other details are as follow:

  • Positioning: GPS, Base Station, WLAN, Beidou Satellite, A-GPS and Accelerometer Assistance
  • Protection Rating: IP67
  • Display: 1.3-inches TFT Touchscreen (240 x 240 Pixels)
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • RAM and ROM: 4MB RAM, 16GB
  • Processor: MT2503AVE
  • Slot: Nano-SIM Card
  • Size: 42.3 x 52.1 x 16.2 mm
  • Color: Blue and Pink

Huawei Honor K2 Kids Release Date

The Honor K2 Kids Launch Date in UK has now been announced and one can pre-order it through internet sites.

The official Honor K2 Kids Release Date for other countries such as India, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, and others is expected to be January 17th, 2018.

Huawei Honor K2 Kids Price

The Honor K2 Kids Price in UK ranges from UK£30 – £40. That’s what we have heard through numerous rumors as there is no news on the price of a watch yet.

Taking help from Google’s Quick Currency Converter, Honor K2 Kids Price in Australia comes to around AU$61-71. One will be able to pick K2 Kids in a choice of 2 eye-catching colors – Blue and Pink.

Huawei Honor K2 Kids Design

The K2 Kids is being offered in 2 different colors (as mentioned above) – Magic Blue and Sweetheart Powder. The Sweetheart version is more suitable for a little girl.

The amazingly designed watch is loaded with 1.3-inches Touchscreen TFT-display with a maximum resolution of 240 x 240 pixels for immersive visual. It supports moving up/down, left/right and long pressing. Moreover, it can show comparatively good viewing angles.

Talking about Honor K2 Kids Design, equipped with a strap which is made in one piece and a silicone strap passes via the bottom. Honor has developed more than 10 easily adjustable holes to fit the wrists of children of different ages.

Be mindful that, a material of the strap compiles with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for edible silicone substances. So, if any child puts it into his/her mouth, don’t worry as it’ll not cause significant harm. Amazing?

The silicone texture quite smooth and soft and looks gorgeous. It’s also comfortable and barely contaminated with serious blemishes. Honor has placed a microphone and a speaker right above the intersection of the strap and case.

It’s worth noting that the previous generation of watches used to include screwdriver to open the back cover and insert a SIM card. The K2 Kids is replaced by a more secure plastic card which lets you open the back cover and insert a Nano-SIM card with ease.

Protects the Child

The Honor K2 Kids Smartwatch enables users to see a rise of a safety-style children’s wearable products. It’s being supported by an almost seven-fold positioning function which supports super-fast and exact positioning both outdoors and indoors.

Furthermore, it protects children’s safety all-weather and all-around and holds their parents from enthusiasm for their children.

The high-volume call an icing on a cake to serve the security function as well. Obviously, there are countless functions i.e. shaking and adding friends – for instance, babies who love enjoying and expanding their independent social skills.

The K2 Kids also backed by a flagship security function setup – but only set users back approx. $44, quite close to the people, it’s not a small surprise.


Normally and of course naturally, children use smartwatches, mother and father then want to join their children’s watches. All you need to do is to (being parent) download and install Smart Care software which has been issued by Honor officially. Downloading and installing is much easier. So, let it be right here and move on.

Once you have downloaded and installed, you are required to register a piece of parent information alongside the information about a child. After binding, an address book will correspond to the phone number of the parent’s phone and will import into the child’s watch. Now, you can invite other members to watch the child together.

This application offers a chat room for parents and children which can include family group chat or single chat with children such as sending votes, texts, calls, images, and expressions. This app can also be used by parents to implement address book management as well as set an alarm clock for a child on a phone.

Safe Positioning

The newly released K2 Kids supports seven different positioning methods: external and internal Positioning, Beidou, GPS, Satellite Positioning, Indoor Positioning, Base Station Positioning, WLAN Positioning as well as A-GPS and Accelerometer.

It also has a function of setting up a security zone and a child’s clock can easily be tracked with an accuracy of error within 40 meters.

With a help of security zone, mother or father can select a location of a safe zone and the size of a zone. Whenever a kid enters or leaves, the security zone app clicks on a message.

Two-Way Communication

As mentioned above, one can insert a Nano-SIM card, he/she can enjoy two-way calling function as well. The call rights are open by default only for those from a small K2 address book. Hence, fraudulent or sales calls will no longer disturb children. But this will not allow children wearing watches to make a mistake on a phone.

Function SOS Last but absolutely not the least, if you press both Home + Power Button at once and hold for 5 seconds, it’ll automatically send an SOS alert to the parent smartphone. Once the SOS starts, the clock makes a call to the primary administrator which is, of course, your mother or father and in case the primary administrator doesn’t answer the call, it will call another administrator – until the call is reached up to 3 times.

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