iPhone 9: All you need to know about the next iPhone (2018)

The iPhone 9 Release Date: Specs, Features, Price, News and more

Yearly iPhone release sequence by Apple means that fans are looking for the next big thing with something excited. The iPhone 9 was skipped over after breaking the consecutive naming convention in 2017, but now everyone is wonder about what Apple’s next iPhones will be called. It might be possible the latest iPhone model will be fairly hot off the production line, but Apple assuredly hard at work on a new model.

As for the successors to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus could be called the iPhone 8s and 8s Plus or as the case may be iPhone 9 and 9 Plus. On the contrary, Apple has hinted that the iPhone X was a one-off device, suggesting that Apple may go back to just two models in 2018. So keep reading this article and get to know the release date, specs, price and of course features.

Release Date and Price

The Apple iPhone 9 Release Date in September 2018 and will sure to be significantly cheaper – though possibly less so than you might expect. However, we have heard a real price rumor comes from an analyst who estimates a price of $700-$800. The price looks a bit similar to the iPhone 8, but far below the iPhone X even likely well below the iPhone XI in case, it launches.

The iPhone 9 Design and Specifications

Detailed iPhone 9 leaks would not come up for a while, but there is numerous we can guess about. We have listed below some key rumors as well as some new features we have heard.

Design & Display

The design is one of the most important factors that the company pays most attention to. There has been a great revolution in iPhone 9 in terms of design since the first ever iPhone launched in 2007. Based on rumors, the iPhone 9 will be having OLED edge-to-edge display which contributes towards improving the battery. A 3.5mm headphone jack will be missing, but we are very much hoping that the iPhone 9 will be equipped with a 5.8-inch OLED display which sounds similar to the iPhone X in terms of size.

Dual Rear-Facing Cameras

Interestingly, the iPhone 9 will feature a set of a dual rear-facing camera – though it’s a recent rumor dispute. It would be a smart move for the company especially for those who don’t want to shell out plus-sized dollars. It’d let you adjust portrait lighting and shooting photos with depth so the DSLR can be replaced with this flagship device with ease.

Better Battery Life

It won’t be less than a surprise for us if it isn’t a major focus for Apple in 2018. So far, performance innovation has led to a lack of attention being paid to a battery, but we hope that Apple strives to improve battery life over computing heft in 2018.

Wireless Charging

Investing in wireless charging by Apple is young; though we would be pleased to see it show up in the iPhone 9. However, wireless charging feature required Apple to make the phone’s rear all-glass so charging signals can pass through the device.  Despite having this feature won’t make iPhone 9 unique from what’s available today and will likely be just as easy to break.

Other Specifications:

  • Operating System: iOS 11
  • Form Factor: Touch Screen
  • CPU: Quad-core
  • RAM: 3GB
  • SIM Card Type: Nano-SIM
  • Sound: Vibration, Proprietary Ringtones
  • 5mm Headphone Jack: No
  • Internal Memory: 64GB/128GB/256GB
  • Display Size: 5.8-inch (1080 x 1920 Resolution) 601ppi
  • Touch Type: OLED Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Rear Camera: 12 MP
  • Secondary Camera: 7 MP
  • Video: 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps, 720p@240fps
  • Colors: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold

Whether the prices high or not, but whenever the iPhone 9 gets launched, it would definitely be a great season for iPhone lovers.

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