Apple iPhone 11 or XI? What Would Apple Introduce Later This Year

Iphone 11

The Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are not really old and still selling like a hot cake worldwide. The new iPhone 11 won’t officially launch until September – however, a plethora of users have already shown their interest in the next iPhone and what Apple would come with, in store for their later in 2019.

As expected Apple iPhone 11 in the US will be a bigger upgrade as compared to recently released flagship iPhones. Although we are not expecting 11 to revitalize Apple’s smartphone line as it was only rebooted by iPhone X back in 2017.

Well, things – so far, are pretty blurred and Apple didn’t sell as many smartphones as previously forecast. Chances are iPhone 11 will be offering a more reasonable tack on a firm’s famous flagship.

Rumors and Leaks

The handset is quite a few months away – but a bunch of leaks has now been started to slowly appear on the web. According to so many renders, it’s comprising a tri-camera configuration (up from a dual-lens one of the current model) in the biggest camera block. Also, it’s showing a glass back and the same placement of buttons as Apple iPhone XS. An authentic source has added 3 different images of new iPhone models which are considered as successors to an iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

We should consider all these appeared images as a pinch of salt as it is just an educated guess. Frankly, it’s too prompt to be getting renders. Well, if everything is accurate, the design will be changed before an official launch.

Other sources have reported that it’ll be loaded with Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors which could, in turn, offer faster face unlock – better Portrait mode depth sensing and numerous 3D modeling features along with Augmented Reality.

Further, Apple iPhone 11 Rumors include an Apple Pencil which currently only works with iPads. Normally, Apple launches the latest Chipset with every new iPhone launch and iPhone 11 is most likely to be equipped with A13 Chipset. Analysts have claimed that Apple is already working to introduce an A13 Chip.

Apple iPhone 11 Release Date

The Apple iPhone 11 Launch Date will be a little late as compared to 2018’s iPhones release. The new iPhone from Apple is likely to appear in IFA 2019 which will run from September 6-11. If it’s to be believed, we will be looking at a potential iPhone 11 release date of either September 17 or 18 – depends on Apple as these both dates have already been used by Apple.

Usually, Apple launches its iPhones worldwide on the same day – therefore, expecting Apple iPhone 11 release date in Australia on the same date won’t be wrong.

Apple iPhone 11 Price

We don’t have any idea about Apple iPhone 11 Price. But, we do know it’ll cost you a lot more. The iPhone XS and X started at $999 (approx. AU$1579). So, you better consider the same price for an iPhone 11 with a little hike.

The new iPhone 11 Price in Australia is not known, for now, but there is a chance iPhone 11 Price will offer a more affordable look for the Australian audience.

New iPhone 11 or XI?

What will this new iPhone be named? It’s a puzzling mystery and there are a lot of options for Apple to potentially pick from. It appears Apple has backed itself into somewhat of a naming corner with recently released XR, XS Max, and XS monikers.

No one revealed that if Apple will stick to Roman numerals or revert back to traditional digits. For now, with scant New iPhone Leaks, nothing is off the table, to be honest.

This time around, most of the Internet users have been searching for “new iPhone” and it’s a great contender. Apple has already ditched numbered increments to its other gadgets such as Mac, Macbooks, TV, and iPads. Therefore, a new iPhone would be a logical next step.

What We Are Expecting?

Without a doubt, iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are great – but there is always room for improvement as being a human we always desire more. We have mentioned some upgrades we want Apple iPhone 11 to be loaded with.

Latest Design

The current smartphones look great. Do you still need something new? We don’t think so! Apple has been using the same design for the past 2 years and to avoid a new iPhone 11 being branded another incremental update, the new and impressive look would help.

The headphone jack and home button both have already gone – so our main focus is on the alert slider, power key as well as volume rockers.

Improved Battery

Every year we expect improved battery from Apple – but the fact remains that iPhones still aren’t capable enough to last you all day long with heavy usage.

Back in 2018 in a form of iPhone provided improved battery as compared to Apple iPhone X (released back in 2017). No matter it is improved, it is still a long way from the best on the market.

Apple should seriously think about the battery life by giving iPhone 11 a super-power pack which will last a moderate to heavy user comfortably through a whole day.

Improved battery technology will not give us more than one day of battery life we have already seen from feature mobile phones back in the early 2000s. But, Apple should stretch to 2 days battery life – at least, from a single charge.

Notch-less Screen

Whether you love or hate, notches have been spread like an infection from one smartphone maker to another smartphone maker. The Apple notch is distinctive due to its size, that’s also its Achilles heel. Covering up a large amount of space whereas Android smartphone makers brought us a waterdrop-like notch for sporting only a front-facing camera.

The notch means a lot for Apple and removing it means a loss of some features such as Face ID. Most probably, Apple will relocate a microphone, speaker as well as proximity sensor.

Is there anything else, you would love to see in new iPhone 11? What would it be? Let us know down in the comments box.

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