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Oneplus 7 Rumors leaks specifications

Oneplus 7 and oneplus 7 pro both will launched soon together

Update: According to the latest statement of the CEO, Oneplus 7 has “Super Smooth Screen” which is 90Hz refresh rate and its probablity that phone will have gradient color scheme.

It’s been several years since OnePlus has been proving to be a clear option if you are looking for a smartphone packed with fully-baked functions but shy of high prices. Though OnePlus does not offer almost as many devices like Apple or Samsung, it provides a number of devices which offer many of the same compelling features and appellations as you would expect from an iPhone or Galaxy device.

It’s against that backdrop that OnePlus is developing OnePlus 7 in Australia which is the next major flagship of the company. No wonder that we do not know much of what OnePlus 7 has planned because it is a smartphone market which is keen to secrecy. And OnePlus still has a lot to reveal, not surprising as OnePlus 6 T landed back in October 2018.

A Plethora of Power

OnePlus itself has already announced that the OnePlus 7 Features the latest processing platform from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 855 (firstly, the OnePlus phone was the first to have the new chipset, however, this was an error – attributed mix-up).

The Snapdragon 855 is more powerful and efficient than the 845 flagship smartphones of last year. Qualcomm says it is the biggest achievement in the history of the Snapdragon platform from generation to generation, something we saw for ourselves when we were given a chance to compare the Snapdragon 855. Since OnePlus uses RAM to pack its devices, it’s safe to expect what a OnePlus-powered Snapdragon 855 smartphone will do.

5G Connectivity

In addition, OnePlus said it will produce a device ready to work on 5G wireless networks. It also committed to a Snapdragon 855 powered handset. And that is meaningful as Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem includes the Snapdragon 855 chipset. But 5G networks will not be available all over the world in 2019. And some 5G networks wouldn’t be up and running by the time, OnePlus has all set to release its latest smartphone. So, chances are OnePlus 7 Mobile will not be a 5G-capable smartphone – not right now at least.

The CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau told Cnet as much in December 2018, saying OnePlus’ 5G-enabled smartphone could be separate from OnePlus 7 Phone. It’s most likely that OnePlus will release 7 as scheduled with a 5G model coming out later before June 2019 ends.

OnePlus 7 Design

We do not expect a deviation drastic too from the OnePlus 6 design which has a stylish exterior, a full-metal, and a large display to make the OnePlus 6 a very aesthetically pleasing handset. We expect also that the OnePlus 7 will maintain the water resistance of its predecessor. While the OnePlus 6 is not completely immersive— it is not IP-rated for dust or water resistance— the company guarantees it is “waterproof for daily use.” We hope that OnePlus 7 Phone takes a step closer and increases water resistance.

We know exactly what the OnePlus 7 looks like – thanks to OnePlus 7 Rumors and Leaks from Weibo, although the leak itself includes images of the upcoming Oppo R19. Why does that matter? Well, Oppo and OnePlus own the same parent company, which often has very similar physical features on their smartphones. The Oppo R17 and OnePlus 6 T are almost identical, and the R19 and OnePlus 7 are expected to be along the same path.

Features like McLaren Edition?

OnePlus tests certain features for future flagships in previous models, just as other smartphone manufacturers. And most reports suggest the company’s recent OnePlus 6 T McLaren Edition for OnePlus 7 Phone will adopt some of the features.

In this special release in December, 10GB of RAM and the new Warp Charge system was introduced to charge the phone quickly. OnePlus may squeeze additional RAM into OnePlus 7 Mobile in Australia, although this would probably be available in a higher-end phone variant only. Warp Charge is more likely to find their way into the future phones of the company, which means faster charging times.

According to some online sources, OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition took them just half-hour of charging to get the phone up to 66% charge.

OnePlus 7 Release Date in Australia

OnePlus is yet to be revealed a concrete OnePlus 7 Release Date in Australia and we cannot see it doing so for a while. However, it won’t stop us putting our educated guess as to when that handset will make its debut. We are hoping OnePlus 7 Specifications to be revealed sooner and are expecting to be released in May or June 2019.

Given that OnePlus 6 was released back in May 2018 – we estimate May 2019 is a viable prediction for OnePlus 7 Release Date. That being said, OnePlus’ 5 and 3 bucked an annual May trend and were released officially in June. Hence, May 2019 is OnePlus 7 Launch Date which is not the inevitability.

OnePlus 7 Price in Australia

One of the main strengths of OnePlus “flagship killer” handsets is their ability to deliver high-end features at a knockdown price. OnePlus 6 made its debut at AU$750. It’s not cheap, but not closes to rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone XS.

Unfortunately, it looks as if this could be finished with the advent of 5G connections (more on this below). OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has said that support of 5G could increase the OnePlus 7 Price between AU$281(£155) and AU$422 (€265).

Since the top-end OnePlus 6T began at AU$1047 (£579) – therefore, it’s most likely that there will be a significant hike in terms of OnePlus 7 Price in Australia – approx. AU$1447. Is it scary? Don’t worry and take all the details as a pinch of salt as nothing is official, as of now. But as soon as more details drop, we will let you know.

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