Samsung Foldable Smartphone – Release Date, Price, Rumors and more

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

How do you rate Samsung Edge Display? It was really cool? Well, another cooler from Samsung is already on the way. It’s been a couple of years since we have been hearing about Foldable Screen Phone. Now it’s the time to finally use such amazing and marvelous technology.

There are a plethora of rumors – right down to what that phone may be named – everything is circulating around Galaxy X and Galaxy X. Even Samsung Galaxy Fold has been recommended. No matter what the name would be, we are making things simple and easier and referring to it as Samsung’s foldable phone until an official name is unveiled. Down below, we have compiled everything we know so far. So, let’s keep going!

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Release Date

The Samsung Foldable Phone Release Date is something we are short on words on, for now. Chances are Samsung will start the production in a couple of weeks.

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t have an official name, so far. The Samsung Galaxy F is a year-old codename which is been mentioned over and over again whereas Galaxy X has been rumored as well. Time will tell!

According to Yonhap News Agency, Samsung Foldable Smartphone Launch Date is March 2019 and it’ll arrive on shelves on that day too.

The Most-anticipated flagship device named Samsung Galaxy S10 will be revealed on 20th February and based on a report from “The Wall Street” Samsung will showcase a fully-functional version of a foldable phone.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Price

Be ready to spend a lot more if you want to be the first one to get your hands one, as the latest reports, Samsung will reveal multiple models ranging from around $1930 to $2570. A little hike in Samsung Foldable Phone Price is expected as well.

This is even more than earlier estimates. For instance, Kim Jang-Yeol, head of research at Golden Bridge Investment has said that Samsung Galaxy X1 Price (Foldable) could reach ₩2,000,000 which is approx. $1850, £1375, AU$2400. That’s the price we have heard about more than once – but, again, $1930-2570 above is more recent.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Rumored Specifications

The foldable screen, without a doubt, is the headline-grabbing feature – but what about the rest of the handset? Perhaps Samsung will borrow the camera from the forthcoming Galaxy S10, that’s what ETNews said. This source has also claimed that it will be loaded with a similar triple camera – very much like S10, consisting of a dual-lens configuration and a 3rd ultra-wide lens.

Most probably, the sensors will be made by a division of Samsung itself, as Galaxy S10 is yet to be landed on shelves officially. Therefore, it’s difficult to verify – however, it sounds believable! What do you say?

The Samsung Foldable Phone Specifications according to “Let’s Go Digital” include a massive a hefty and impressive 6000mAh non-removable battery as well as it’ll be backed by an Exynos 9820 Chipset for South Koreans only whereas other countries will get Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 855.

Although Samsung has already invested billions in a foundry to create 7 nm chipset, the newly announced Exynos 9820 SoC is actually based on 8-nanometer architecture.

However, there is a chance that Samsung will launch a 7 nanometer with 5G capability for a foldable smartphone and 5G supported Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Rumored Names

What would it be called? A Galaxy X, Galaxy F or Samsung Infinity Flex? So far, Samsung foldable phone has been referred to by numerous names. In spite of that, we are much closer to the launch date and we are learning more and more day by day about the phone.

After so many months of rumors, it’s looking like we have got the final name. The Dutch tech website named “Let’s Go Digital” uncovered a trademark application filed back on November 28, 2018, in Turkey. In that application, a company requested a trademark for the name Samsung Galaxy Fold. The application, in the company name filed, states “Legally Restricted Until Publication Date”.

We are close that Samsung filed the application since the trademark request is obviously for a handset which includes the trademarked Galaxy name. Well, we are not so sure if it’s solely for Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

The application also states that the brand name trademark is for a Class 9 device which includes mobile phones and smartphones.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Design

Alas! Samsung didn’t reveal much about Samsung Foldable Phone Design. Samsung has collaborated with Google to manufacture a new user interface for Android on its smartphone – dubbed OneUl, and it’ll enable for feature particularly to foldable phones.

A bunch of rumors and suggestions have already given us an idea of other possible designs. According to “Let’s Go Digital” title, “Foldable Electronic Device Including Hidden Display and Information Display Method Thereof “ – illustrates that it’s equipped with a 2nd screen which is covered partially and only actives when it’s folded fully. Considering it for notifications and messages won’t be wrong, though.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Display

Is there anything you already know about Samsung Foldable Phone Display? The last year in 2018 at its developer conference, Samsung offered the first look at the new handset – mostly hidden from view; we are able to see the foldable part in the action with the display.

The screen is named “Infinity Flex Display” which is carefully and specially designed to be folded and unfolded for so many (countless) times without degrading the display quality. According to Samsung, one can fold it hundreds of thousands of times without showing a single sign of wear and tear.

The display is protected in a chunky outer shell that Samsung said was particularly done to keep the design a secret. The screen size is most likely to be 7.3-inches when folded out and second 4.6-inches which will only be visible when the handset is folded up – based on a report from ETNews.

In a leaked video, we saw the screen was folded and unfolded only for a couple of seconds. When unfolded, it looked quite a large device like a tablet and when folded up, the outer screen immediately appeared and showed apps which were opened at the time. Apart from Samsung’s Foldable smartphone, Huawei plans to launch brand’s first Huawei Foldable Phone late in February at MWC 2019 (Mobile World Congress). Honestly, that’s the reason that forced Samsung to speed up its launch plans.

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