The rise of Esports in USA

rise of esports in usa

There has been a substantial increase in the digital entertainment genre and many people in the world have started considering it as the future of entertainment industry. A large spike in the sales of computers, smart phones, VR sets and smart watches have been seen in the world. Our everyday lives are connected to the virtual world and people love experiencing sports on the small screens rather than going out of their home. Video games have been the most popular past time of teenagers and adults from the past 50 years. With advancement of technology, the esports industry have turned into a lucrative business enterprise.

ESports industry in the United States

Someone who regularly follows the esports industry will know that the genre has erupted in the past few years. Currently, there are millions of online followers and thousands of players worldwide in esports. The popularity can be gauged by the online viewership that the esports tournaments gather. In 2016, online tournaments had more viewership than the NBA finals and was once second to the Super Bowl.

In United States, esports is considered as a legitimate career as professional gamers from DOTA 2 and League of Legends make millions every year. Multiple companies are also identifying the importance of esports USA in general and more than twenty thousand seat arenas are filled easily in the esports tournaments. The companies are looking for new ways to increase the viewership of this niche and developing structured platforms to open ways for new investments. The cities are leading the path in the esports industry are Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Austin and Atlanta.

The Future of eSports in the U.S.

To sum all this up, it is safe to say that United States has seen a lot of growth in the last decade and will see major up rise in its popularity and investments. The main reason behind the success of esports is the dedication of gamers, analysts, casters and sponsors of this niche. Apart from this, the increasing number of digital consumers can also be credited to the rise in this profession. Major titles of the esports include Counter Strike and FIFA. A rise in the cosplay tournaments have also been seen in esports USA 2017.

Online gaming may seem pretty simple and fun to do but it is one of the most competitive things in the world. You need to depend upon the teammates and pressure rises on each player. Apart from the skills, you need to have composure and confidence to win big in esports. Professional players dedicate hours perfecting a single play, find new strategies to dominate the gaming scene and deal with merchandising and sponsorship deals. Almost, all the major esports team are linked with organizations that have business experts to deal with all of the things mentioned above.

Many entrepreneurs have break into this genre and are looking for new way to capitalize on this growing market. Esports is also popular in other parts of the world including Europe, china and South East Asia.

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