Top 10 Designer Women’s Watches Brands 2018

Top 10 Designer Women's Watches Brands 2018

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Nowadays, approximately every woman seems to have a smartphone attached to her hand and in order to tell a time, she takes a quick glance at the digital clock in the corner of the phone’s display. But, many others believe that a watch brings a woman’s personality in a way no other accessory can. However, buying a watch that perfectly matches with your personality isn’t a simple task as a market is loaded with plenty of timepieces. So, finding one that is stylish, high-quality and that suits your tastes can be challenging. We’re happy to present you with the top 10 designer women’s watches brands 2018 you should know. So, let’s get started.

 1: Guess

It’s not an easy task to make a watch look sexy, but Guess has whacked the concept. Guess offers the trendiest timepieces along with divine and decadent designs. So, if you’re looking for a style with a bit of bling, make sure to shop the label.

Guess Watches

2: Anne Klein

Anne Klein started their nominative and innovational fashion label in 1968. And now, the brand is managed by Sharon Lombardo but continues to create appealing women’s products such as a seriously well-bred range of watches.

Anne Klein Women Watches

3: Gucci

Gucci is one of the well-known brands who certainly know what it’s doing especially when it comes to accessories. Though, it’s not just the label’s fur loafers or iconic Dionysus bag that everyone loves. A range of watches offered by Gucci is also exquisite with dozens of chic and fashion-forward designs.

Gucci Watches

4: Coach

If you’re looking for an on-trend watch to beautify your wrist, Coach has got you covered as they may have what you need. The brand has remarked itself of late and now features a modern and youthful artistic while keeps maintaining its traditional roots.

Coach Watches

5: Versace

Look no further than Versace’s range of watches if you’re particularly looking for a real piece of luxury on your wrist. Versace’s watches are just a glamorous and irresistible as its stunning fashion designs.

Versus Watches

6: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s collection of watches is ideal for every occasion as their iconic and preppy American fashion translates altogether into a smart range of watches for women.

Tommy Hilfiger women watch


7: Marc Jacobs

Like the label’s perfumes, their excellent range of watches has become excessively popular in recent years. Marc Jacobs is an on-trend brand which offers watches with a noticeable, modern aesthetic and a bold yet overly simplified appeal.

Marc jacobs

8: Lacoste

When it comes to the timepieces that are perfect for active women, Lacoste comes to mind first as it offers premium design and construction with a sports-luxe touch. Whether paired with a sundress, or even jeans a t-shirt, the label’s watches appear chic and stylish.

9: Michael Kors

Michael Kors doesn’t make only unbelievable clothes and handbags, but they are well-specialized in luxury accessories and ready-to-wear too. Also, offers an extraordinary range of modern and feminine designed watches.

10: Kenzo

Kenzo is a French luxury label which is known for an aesthetic that is playful, undoubtedly cool and bold. Kenzo’s collection of watches indeed lives up to this reputation with fascinating colors, signature tiger motifs, and an overall astonishing appearance.

Designer watches absolutely enhance your stylish look concerning your wrist. They can be used as bracelets too as some women also love to wear some beaded bracelets along with their watch especially the teenagers. Coming in way of product designer watches, some of the considered brands are stated above that can help you get some notes about your favorite brand.


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