Top 10 NFL Teams 2019

Top 10 NFL Teams of 2017

NFL being the most growing sporting league of the world with the combined value to more than 200 billion USD. The league attracts viewership from all parts of the world and this is main reason why sponsors love this league. We have entered week 7 in NFL, and here is the list of top 10 NFL Teams 2019 after last week’s matches.

1. Chefs

The chiefs may have fallen in the standing but they are still up in the power ranking. Kansas City’s wonder team had to lose at one point. The 51 yard touchdown by their opponent was the main cause of their defeat this week. Chiefs have been fairly week in their defense in the fourth quarter and their protecting broke down multiple times.

2. Eagles:

Eagles, on this weekend; had two players to thank. They are Nelson Agholor and Leggie Blount. Nelson was one of the main contributors in the game making big plays happen while Leggies got 14 carriers in the game. The win against Carolina puts them second in our rating for this week and they sure had a great shot at attending the super bowl this year.

3. Rams:

On the list of NFL top 10, Rams is placed at number three. With the win on week 6, Rams have pushed away from the fourth position and established control over the table and our charts. The defense of Rams is playing unexceptionally well this year and they have showcased the same professionalism this week as well.

4. Steelers:

Steeler have always prevailed against the best teams in the business but have failed to do well against the weaker opponents. They have always failed to shine when the need the win badly. This week was a great example as well. Their loss to Pittsburgh placed them at fourth position in our ranking.

5. Panthers

With four wins and two losses this season, panthers are looking like a formidable clan. The panthers could not seal the win this week; and much of it can be owed to their star guy missing the match. Luke Kuechly’s health has been a serious concern over the weekend but the head injury that got him out of the match are of mild nature.

6. Patriots:

Patriots have the same win/loss record as Panthers but due to their uncertainty; they are ranked below them. They have won 4 matches against the weak opponents but failed to score big against big names. Their inconsistency is really a big issue for them.

7. Redskins:

Redskins have won the Sunday match and that boasts their win/loss record to 3-2. They have a decent team and have some big names in their playing squad.

8. Seahawks:

Seahawks did not played this weekend but still jumped a place in the ranking due to their good record. Thomas Rawls is the key player to look out in the coming matches. He received 8 carries in the match against the Rams.

9. Vikings:

Thanks to Jerick Mckinnon, Viking are back in the power rankings; this time on number 9. Their win against Chicago gave them a good momentum and push that they needed to propel them to higher standings in the league.

10. Saints:

New Orleans Saints had a rough start to the season losing their opening matches but three back to back wins have placed them back in the power ranking position number 10.

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